Seth Schwarz & Be Svendsen

Record Details

2018 by 3000 Grad


  1. Elves of Karoo -:-- / 10:00
  2. Quando Rando -:-- / 06:11
  3. Elves of Karoo (Einmusik Remix) -:-- / 07:50
  4. Elves of Karoo (Gabriel Ananda Remix) -:-- / 05:25
  5. Quando Rando (Mollono.Bass Remix) -:-- / 06:14
  6. Quando Rando (Rey & Kjavik Vocal Remix) -:-- / 09:58

Seth Schwarz teamed up with his funky fellow Be Svendsen, and together they created something that has the same UV index and the same amount of fresh air as a festival with perfect climatic conditions: During its epic 10 minutes of play time, their highly melodic track »Elves of Karoo« grows just as big and exciting as a full weekend on a dancefloor bathed in a generous amount of direct sunlight. Furthermore, Seth Schwarz adds the solo track »Quando Rando« that is slower but just as compelling and that reflects the classical composition skills of this producer in an intriguingly subliminal way. The amount of great producers who contribute remixes for this EP lives up to the idea of a perfect festival, as well – a festival for lovers of catchy yet sophisticated dance music, that is.